Targeted training and education that pays off

The need for education and training has never been greater in Danish and international companies. New demands in the market and many internal changes mean that companies must constantly equip managers and employees for specific communication challenges they have often not faced before.

Lederuddannelse - Resonans Kommunikation

At Resonans Nordic, we have successfully developed and improved communication performance for many managers and others with important communication tasks. Part of the 'secret' is to train in exactly what can support managers and employees in their preceding processes. Therefore, we often work with short and intensive workshops, which give the leader the right intention to handle the change rather than longer and theoretical educations, which are difficult to convert into everyday life.

The training and education courses are always adapted to the company's specific needs, and we train and educate in both internal and external communication. The courses can range from a single session to longer courses and can include methods such as Disc analysis and Balanced Scorecard.