Translate the new strategy and get employees on board

”Are you serious... Last year it was a completely different strategic focus that you praised. Tomorrow there will probably be a third

Strategiimplementering - Resonans Kommunikation

When Resonans Nordic conducted a survey of management communications in 30 of Denmark's largest companies at the end of 2015, 25 had implemented new strategies within the past two years. The rapid development in the global markets, new technologies and changing expectations from customers do not leave companies with a choice, but the risk of the many strategy implementations lies just ahead: Without the right communication, employees can lose motivation and focus.

When a new strategy is to be implemented, it is first and foremost important that key messages are sufficiently translated into local conditions in the individual department. The company's managers must understand key messages in the same way and be supported in the operationalization as well as in the communication thereof to their respective parts of the organization.

We often gather relevant leaders across the organization in workshops, where they are presented with support materials and given the opportunity to discuss and ask questions about the strategy. Based on this, the individual leader can complete a pre-produced PowerPoint presentation of the strategy, where the leader fills in a number of ‘empty’ slides with local messages.

In most cases, top management presents overall messages to all employees on video, in newsletters and / or at large meetings. After this, relevant line managers present the local messages at departmental meetings, which, depending on the strategy, are followed up with workshops where the employees are involved in the work of operationalizing the strategy.

Regardless of the approach, it is important that employees are constantly reminded of important key messages from the strategy, updated on the work with it and learn about best practice. That is why we like to produce articles and videos about relevant messages for the company's internal channels.