Get safely through crises and changes of public interest

In recent years, many of the more involving aspects of internal communication have found greater and greater foothold in external. Major changes, layoffs or brand crises interest not only employees but also the press, shareholders, and other external stakeholders.

Internal announcements can end up in the media, and employees watch when their CEO gives interviews on TV. Therefore, in many cases, it is crucial to combine external and internal communication and create the right synergy. At Resonans Nordic, we have roots in internal communication. However, the development means that today we call ourselves a communications agency specializing in internal communication, but with an eye on all aspects of the company's communication - also external.

On the external front, we have therefore associated consultants with many years of experience with press work and crisis communication. In addition, we work closely with Kudos Kommunikation, which has particularly strong competencies within PR, branding, and storytelling.

Presse og krisehåndtering - Resonans Kommunikation