Early, accurate, and consistent communication reduces resistance

Since the crisis in 2008, outsourcing has been one of the changes that has filled most of large Danish and international companies. In several industries, successful sourcing is an almost inevitable prerequisite for continued competitiveness in the global market.

Outsourcing - Resonans Kommunikation

However, the exercise is difficult, and insecurity and resistance among employees risk eating up the efficiency gains. Early, open, and accurate communication is therefore necessary for success. Employees do not have to agree on the decision, but they must understand the rationales and know the process before myth-making and unnecessary unrest take over.

We often work with a model where relevant managers across the organization gather prior to the announcement of the upcoming sourcing. Here, various support materials are introduced, and the leaders get the opportunity to discuss and ask questions about rationales and main messages as well as practice the announcement. In this way, we ensure accurate, open, and consistent information.

Managers' communication should be continuously followed up by central communication - for example articles or videos on the intranet - where the process is explained, the plans are continuously specified, and the company's sourcing partner, for example, is introduced.