Streamline internal communication with a well-functioning intranet

Intranet - Resonans Kommunikation

Where exactly do you find updated guidelines for customer meetings? And when did you get that email about the changes in the canteen's opening hours? Perhaps the old intranet is gradually outdated, and managers and employees have discreetly found alternative channels. The stringency is missing and the new channels are not equally optimal. In many companies, internal communication takes place so unsystematically that employees lose track and productivity.

At Resonans Nordic, we often recommend customers to optimize their intranet or develop a completely new one, which can to a greater extent help to make business processes simple and efficient. When we develop the intranet, the starting point is to optimize communication internally in the company, and we always take as our starting point an analytical and systematic approach that ensures deep insight into and an overview of the company's specific needs and starting point.