Gain a deep insight into managerial strengths and weaknesses

In any company, it is the managers who set the framework for the employees to perform their best. The requirement for the skilled manager is clear communication about everyday work and the company's visions, as well as the ability to provide ongoing feedback on employees' work.

In this connection, the leader's own awareness of strengths and weaknesses is crucial for a positive end result. Here, a 360 degree analysis can be a good tool. The analysis provides an understanding of how the manager himself, his manager, colleagues and employees experience the manager's behavior in a number of areas.

In a 360-degree analysis, there can be a focus on several different areas - for example cooperation, motivation, communicative abilities and / or professionalism. Through 360-degree analyzes, the company thus gets a documented starting point for identifying future focus areas and optimizing the managerial competencies, just as the manager himself gets a unique insight into his own strengths and weaknesses.

The analysis is typically organized as part of a process that may include:

  • Supporting material for the development of the individual leader
  • Preparation of tools and guides
  • Individual coaching