About Resonans Nordic

We believe that communication is one of the most important aspects to optimize if the customer is to maintain or create a competitive and efficient business, but it is rarely sufficient to only know something about communication when developing and streamlining the business.

We have taken the consequence, and with us you will therefore meet consultants who also have deep insight into organizational development, HR and management. Common to them is that they can link their insights with their communication skills, and thus develop tailor-made solutions for the customers.

Resonans Nordic

Turesensgade 5
DK 1368 København K
Cvr: 33292996


Jakob Rasborg

CEO and partner
+45 20 92 13 11 E-mail

Jakob is a partner & CEO of Resonans Nordic. Jakob has many years of experience in management and communication, as communications manager, advisor, process manager and teacher.


Pelle Nilsson

Director and partner
+45 40 500 250 E-mail

Pelle is a partner in Resonans Nordic. Pelle is an experienced advisor to managers and communications professionals in strategic management and organizational communications.

Peter Daniel Olsen

Creative director
+45 29 902 902 E-mail

Peter is the creative director of Resonans Nordic. He is both a consultant and producer on graphic and digital projects that require visual identity.

Emil Kragh-Schwarz

Senior Advisor
+45 51 92 93 17 E-mail

Emil is a communications consultant at Resonans Nordic. Emil has a degree in journalism from Roskilde University.

Thelma Kaare Nielsen - Resonans Kommunikation

Thelma Kaare Nielsen

Senior Advisor
+45 3091 9275 E-mail

Thelma is a senior consultant at Resonans Nordic. Thelma has many years of experience with communication, HR, process facilitation, teaching, coaching as well as management and team development. She is an accredited and experienced user of profile tools such as Insights Discovery, JTI and DISC.


Lasse Wulff Andersen - Resonans Kommunikation

Lasse Wulff Andersen

Associate partner
+45 26 20 06 66 E-mail

Lasse has 15 years of experience with evaluation, mapping, and analysis in several policy areas and sectors. The analyzes are typically performed for the EU Commission, the UN and the World Bank as well as Danish authorities. Analysis tasks have included the labor market area, business promotion, innovation and digitization, the health sector, and the transport sector.


Lars Sandstrøm

Lars Sandstrøm

Associate partner
+45 40 96 13 88 E-mail

Lars is an associate partner at Resonans Nordic. Lars has many years of experience as a consultant in communication, branding, and relationship development. He is the daily manager of Corporate Relations, which has expertise in dialogue, relationships, and strategy.